Friday, October 12, 2012


Mouth diseases are not only a hectic for your body health but also it will embarrass you in conversations. Burning mouth syndrome is one of the acute syndromes that will make your entire mouth to feel burning sensation. It is also called orodynia that will give you burning sensation without any actual presence of ulcer or discoloration. There will not be any anomalies in your tongue, lips or entire mouth. The cause for this syndrome is stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes and menopause. Some of the tooth paste contains sodium lauryl sulfate that will give you the burning sensation in your mouth. So you have to avoid the tooth paste containing sodium lauryl sulfate. Pain will not be available at morning and it will build up over the course of day. Benzodiazepines and antidepressants will help in effective treatment of burning mouth syndrome. Alpha lipoic acid also will help you in BMS treatment.

Creativity and art

Art is the only thing that will speak without sound. Art making and delivering it to the world requires inborn talent from a people. There are different ways of approaching a single solution. Hidden talents are always hidden and require some initiative to undergo development. Market Your Art through exhibits and even you can rent some booth at art exhibition to show your talent. Art making process requires a concentration and consistent interest with creativity. Creativity is not a thing which is rarely seen in selective people. It is hidden in each and every individual and exploring it is in your hand. Every human have their own creativity from their childhood and it depends on their environment. Art not only shows their passion towards creativity but also their language for creativity. People should do what they love. They should go by choice and not by chance. The people who go by chance will convince themselves to certain extend and finally frustrate their mind. You have to select your career and passion. Fate will not give you happiness in any way because it will do what you actually do not like. So you should win the fate and do what you love in all aspects. 

Disclosure policy

I deeply value my readers and subscribers, as much as they value me, my expertise, and my recommendations. For this reason, I try to be as open and forthright as possible.
I’m a big fan of disclosure. I believe in it. While I will make every attempt to disclose each time I make a recommendation on this blog, sometimes I can’t or I simply forget. So I’ve included an abbreviated form on the sidebar.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Halitosis and treatment

Halitosis is a major embarrassment for an individual. It pushes the person into dull zone and hesitation to speak with others. Every person likes to have a healthy oral cavity with pleasing smile. If bad breath comes into the scene, your pleasing personality may spoil in a few seconds. So, one should be aware of eradicating the halitosis (bad breath) as soon as you feel it. Before consulting the dental surgeon, one should know little about the bad breath disease causes, symptoms and treatment. The major cause for bad breath is bacteria, gum disease, eating heavy flavored foods like onion, garlic, smoking and drinking and also illness. Periodontal cleaning is the best way to remove bacteria and sludge that accumulates in the gums and teeth gaps. Mouth rinse is another important method to avoid bad breath. If you like to have home made treatment. Put a pinch of salt in a glass of Luke warm water with neem paste and turmeric powder mixed in grams. Goggle it for 1 minute and repeat it for 5 times before your breakfast and night before your dinner. It will help you. Thanks for your time.

Monday, July 4, 2011

About pyogenic granuloma

A pyogenic granuloma is typically a kind of oral disease which is caused by the irritation, hormonal factors and physical trauma.These types usually appears as the Overgrowth of tissues in the mouth or the nearby area, but occasionally has been found in areas such as the thigh.These types are also called by the names like "eruptive hemangioma" and "tumor of pregnancy." These types are most likely to attack women when compare to men.And children are actually at higher risk for it than any other age group.It occurs frequently in pregnant women,especially in the first trimester. It is usually seen in the septum and causes nosebleeds.This condition looks like a reddish-purple lesion on the skin that can be slightly raised, like a bump, or smooth.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Canker Sore- treatment

Vitamin B12 has been found in recent researches that it is very useful in the treatment of canker sores, also the use of various products like anesthetics and analgesics, are found to be useful. Antiseptics were even experimented to give positive result on the treatment of canker sore. The topical use of the milk of magnesia is found to be useful, application of silver nitrate is found to reduce the pain of the ulcerations. Whereas use of tetracycline and diphenhydramine haven’t been completely tested to be useful in the treatment of canker sore, so it is advisable to lay off of it.

Canker sore- Prevention

The use mouthwash is known to reduce pain in the case of many canker sore patients, the use of non-alcoholic mouthwashes is preferred over the alcoholic ones, which will do harm rather than good. The regular care over teeth will always do no harm; still a thorough understanding of the basics of oral health will help keep your teeth and gums strong. For example, changing tooth pastes also helps preventing the canker sores; especially recommended to use toothpastes that doesn’t have SDS, use of such product has been found to reduce the ulcerations. Those who use braces are advised to keep the braces clean and to wax the brackets.