Friday, October 22, 2010

candida signs

The typical signs that may be associated with this infection are a formation of the white patch and this may also be associated with HIV, cancer and corticosteroids and thus these patients must be very careful. Once they have gone to the doctor and a proper diagnosis is made they have start having the proper anti fungal drugs.


Another common oral disorder is the fungus infection also known as the Candida. This is basically a infection of the mouth commonly seen in immunocompromised individuals. This is also more common in those who have undergone transplants. They commonly develop among the mouth and oral cavity. Thus this must be taken proper care.

mouth disease

This is generally more prone to those who are having allergies. They provide awkward sensation and apart from that they also provide us with a tingling and itchy feeling. This may also result in a burning sensation within us. They are commonly seen inside mouth and less painful. Thus we must have good oral hygiene.

canker sores

Canker sores are an oral disorder. They are ulcers that appear in the insides of the mouth, lips and tongue. They generally appear as small ones in the first ten to fifteen days. They are most common in youngsters and middle aged fellows. Thus one has to be very careful.

bad breath disorder

This condition of bad breath may also occur if we do not brush or floss on a regular basis. This may also be resulted due to medications that may cause dryness which may cause bad breath. Thus the best way is to clean the tongue and also to brush regularly

bad breath

Bad breath may also be a result of this condition. This is called as halitosis in medical terminology. This may also be due to smoking, alcohol and due to poor care of dentures. This may also be occurring due to a condition known as sinusitis. Thus one has to be very much careful.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

oral mumps

This may also result in mumps since that condition comes as a result of viral infection to the parotid glands. This may result in lot of painful swellings and this is commonly seen in adults and children. There is no specific treatment for this and prevention is the best cure for this ailment.

oral cancer

The oral disorder may come to us if there is a primary infection in the salivary glands. So one has to take proper care of it. This is very essential since this secretes a lot of enzymes that help in digesting and processing our food. Sometimes this may also result in the formation of benign and malignant cancers.

oral condition

Mouth is a very important organ of our body and we must take proper care about it. This is also a multi functional organ and if it has a disorder ultimately the taste buds are also getting affected. This may also be referred to as the dentistry pathology. They also affect the oral and maxillofacial regions.

oral disesaes

Oral diseases are commonly referred to as the mouth disease. They are very common among children. The main reason is that they do not take proper care of their tooth by not brushing well and eating too many chocolates. This is also called as the stomatognathic disease. This must be given immediate attention.