Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Canker Sore- treatment

Vitamin B12 has been found in recent researches that it is very useful in the treatment of canker sores, also the use of various products like anesthetics and analgesics, are found to be useful. Antiseptics were even experimented to give positive result on the treatment of canker sore. The topical use of the milk of magnesia is found to be useful, application of silver nitrate is found to reduce the pain of the ulcerations. Whereas use of tetracycline and diphenhydramine haven’t been completely tested to be useful in the treatment of canker sore, so it is advisable to lay off of it.


  1. I'm agree, in addition.. Regularly using mouthwash can help treat canker sores. Mouthwash promotes better oral hygiene by actively killing bacteria in the mouth. These antibacterial agents have been shown to protect the insides of the mouth from canker sores while also helping along its treatment when you have them. Iodine-based mouthwash can also be used but be sure to always spit it out after swishing.


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  2. I hate canker sore. It's just simply a hindrance to eating. Thanks there are already treatment for that.


  3. I suggest seeking professional help and consulting a specialist on these oral problems. They offer the best way to recuperate.
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  4. It may sound like a strange combination, but several dentists swear by this homemade remedy: Mix together equal amounts of Milk of Magnesia or Kaopectate and Benylin or Benadryl. Milk of Magnesia and Kaopectate both contain ingredients that coat wet tissues, such as those in the mouth. Benylin and Benadryl contain ingredients that act as mild topical anesthetics and antihistamines (which reduce inflammation). Apply the mixture to the canker sore using a cotton swab. Be careful not to swallow the stuff; you could end up anesthetizing (numbing) the reflex that keeps the windpipe closed when you swallow. cheap orthodontics

    1. This is awesome information Skyshrouder. I think I'll try this out to see if it is effective.
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  5. Choose appropriate treatment for the condition. There are also emergency dental care available.

  6. Oral diseases might lead to a more serious health problems such as heart and respiratory diseases. Oral disease should be treated as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

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    Check here easy home treatments for mouth sores which is shared by my friend with me. It solved my very old disease. I have shared here so that others will also get benefit from it. Thanks